Feasibility study for a combination themed resort / water park / theme park / educational experience. Environmentally friendly, yet technologically advanced, Omagine will bring vision of the future into the present.

Emphasis was placed on established and traditional Islamic and Arabic planning principles, local knowledge  and the utilization of sustainable technologies, several of which - such as the geometry of building orientation and shading - date to the early Islamic civilizations.

040511-3 pyramid
040511-1 residential
040511-2 piazza

A powerful design bias was established for the master plan in order to inspire and guide the development of the site design and to strongly connect it to Omagine’s interpretative designer's themes, experiences and content.

The centrepiece of Omagine iconic architecture is the sweep of seven pavilions along the Boardwalk in the shape of Pearls seen through their translucent shells.


The Pearls are clad in beautifully fritted glass panels, each curved in two directions and each cut in an intricate mosaic pattern using computer technology.

By day the Pearls in their Shells will look striking and sculptural.

By night, the fritted-glass cladding of the Pearls will be backlit with changing coloured light, so that at night they can glow with the luminescence of real pearls.